oneA – Storm System
oneA - Storm System

oneA STORM SYSTEM® is developed with a desire to create the finest and most beautiful surfaces within architecture. oneA STORM SYSTEM® is a collection of products, distinguished by being as minimalistic as possible. The entire collection is carefully designed to flushthe surface of any ceiling or wall, and will appear with an absolute minimum of tolerance and visibility.
oneA STORM SYSTEM® is built around the system of a mounting ring – one ring for all your installations. The ring can be installed into various building structures, such as plaster, acoustic ceilings, concrete and wood. The system makes it possible to remove, hide and minimize the number of visible components in both ceilings and walls. oneA STORM SYSTEM® offers a variety of different products whether you prefer lighting, smoke detectors, motion detectors, speakers, outputs or ventilation. The core of the design lies in the mounting system - All products are designed to fit into the same mounting ring, and it is easy to change one component with another, leaving you with an extremely flexible system. Furthermore, all products have a special designed “snap lock”. This cutting edge technology allows you to make a perfect and quick installation of the product.

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