B‐LIGHT is a young and dynamic company based in Villotta di Chions (Pordenone), situated in the North East of Italy; we design and manufacture LED technology luminaires. Evolving from a thirty year experience in the electronics field designing and manufacturing circuitry and components for a variety of sophisticated industries, B‐Light fully recognizes and understands the concept of a LED “electronic light”. B‐LIGHT designs a product around the LED source, rather than incorporate the LED into an existing luminaire. Fittings are compact, efficient and pleasing to the eye and mould their shape according to the architects, lighting designer and project consultants aims.

B‐LIGHT comes to the market, admittedly, not with a lighting manufacture’s background and as such, face the daily challenges with different eyes, free from manufacturing preconceptions. Choice of vertical integration (design, manufacturing and testing under one 2.500mq roof) has allowed the development of the unique electronic platform “SmartPower” which is the common denominator of all B‐LIGHT’s product range. Heat/temperature dissipation‐regulation, key to the performance and longevity of the LED is addressed through electronic solutions vs. purely mechanical methods (bulky space consuming heat sinks).

Light is energy in its purest form traveling through space. Light is a material for architecture.

Passion for simple lines, for clean shapes and attention to details are all part of the aesthetic purity typical of Italian design. B‐LIGHT combines this design philosophy with electronic know‐how.

In B‐LIGHT we design innovative products for tomorrows requests.

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