Precision Lighting
Precision Lighting

Precision. Not just a name, but an underlying principle on which our company was founded. An ideology that informs everything we do, from design to manufacture. At Precision Lighting, technical excellence can only be achieved through careful consideration of the aesthetic; the creation of our products truly is as much an art as it is a science.

Characterised by uninterrupted lines and an obsessive attention to detail, our luminaires are defined by our choice of materials and our process of manufacture. Only by using aerospace-grade aluminium, selected for its high thermal performance, and by machining – not casting – can we accomplish the level of fit and finish that we desire whilst maintaining the luminous efficiency that we demand.

Award-winning company Precision Lighting is a private family owned, design-led, specialist lighting manufacturer based in the UK. We specialise in seamless architectural integration of high quality interior luminaires and lighting systems.

We recognise the needs of our specifiers who wish to create harmonious environments. Whether the architectural concept emphasises functionality, aesthetics, or both, our aim is to find a solution that does justice to the project's architectural features. Our approach has given us an enviable reputation amongst leading UK and International lighting consultants and architects, often making us their first choice partner. We are well known for our versatility, rapid prototyping facilities and numerous high quality bespoke luminaires. We look forward to the challenge of lighting your future projects.

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